SHOCKING:Election fraud in Romania.Party members caught stealing ballots!

All of the elections that have taken place in Romania in the last 30 years have been marked by fraud allegations. Although authorities claim that the electoral process has improved and that the use of new technologies has allegedly reduced the possibilities for tampering with the ballots, today we saw solid, undeniable, proof of fraud:

Five members of the USR party (Uniunea Salvati Romania) were caught by CCTV cameras when they were literally stealing bags containing voting ballots from the Electoral Bureau in Sector 1 (BES 1) and then replacing them with other bags with different ballots. The event took place on the night of the 29th of September 2020, two days after the elections took place. Another similar event took place on the 30th of September and was caught on tape by two protesters who were at the Electoral Bureau in Sector 1, they saw five other USR members coming out of the Electoral Bureau with their backpacks loaded with what seemed to be voting ballots that they hauled into their cars as they were being filmed.

One of them was actually the assistant of the Sector 1 candidate, MEP Clotilde Marie Brigitte Armand.

Another one of those filmed in the room was the president of a voting bureau, a prosecutor, that was supposed to ensure the fairness and correctitude of the electoral process.  

They had no right to even be inside the Electoral Bureau (where they even took pictures and posted them on social media), let alone have the right to roam around that SEALED room, scavenging for ballots. Moreover, the fact that the public institution was guarded by riot police at the time when the events took place is another proof that this fraud was orchestrated and permitted by higher “authorities”. They had no idea it would all come out in the media.

The videos caused a massive outrage on social media and about 200 people gathered in a split second to protest at the Electoral Bureau in Sector 1 against this blatant election fraud. More protests are expected to take place tomorrow, because, upon seeing this obvious tampering with the ballots, the citizens and the political candidates alike want to redo the voting process.

It is unacceptable for any democratic, European, country, to accept this kind of fraud, not once, not twice, but many, many, times.

 It is unacceptable for the President of any democratic country to deny such solid proof of fraud and spew political remarks that have nothing to do with the situation at hand: stealing people’s votes, indiscriminately. Destroying any kind of hope people might have left in the voting process and thus leaving them to be ruled by illegitimate leaders. This might in fact be the spark that will start a much needed social and civic movement.

If nothing else, it should serve as a huge warning to the USA and raise more awareness as to what the democrats are attempting to do. USR supports the Democratic Party, as their own members have pointed out on different occasions. Ironically though, USR’s campaign slogan is literally “Fara Penali”, which roughly translates to “No convicted criminals”, and their whole campaign was centered on eradicating corruption and white collar theft.